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happy patient speaking with physiotherapist after appointment

Lethbridge Dry Needling

 Inserting an acupuncture-like needle into the trigger point relaxes the muscles, boosts blood flow, diminishes inflammation, and triggers a healing response. This treatment also improves nerve communication and activates the release of your body's natural pain relievers.

Lethbridge Dry Needling Services

At Waso, we offer dry needling services to help those suffering from muscular pain due to injury or other conditions. By releasing tight muscles near the injured area, dry needling can alleviate pain quickly, while reducing recovery time greatly compared to traditional therapies. At Waso Physiotherapy in Lethbridge, our goal is to provide lasting relief through personalized treatment plans that help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

hands of physiotherapist in the process of dry needling a clients arm
man suffering lower back pain

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a physiotherapeutic technique used to treat pain and tightness in muscles and the surrounding connective tissue. The physiotherapist inserts a small gauge needle into the skin. This needle facilitates muscle relaxation and releases tension, which relieves pressure on the surrounding nerves and helps with movement. Dry needling then increases circulation, range of motion, and strength, while decreasing inflammation and pain. Additionally, it can address injuries related to imbalances caused by muscle weakness or tightness. Overall, dry needling is a non-invasive treatment option used to improve physical performance and reduce injury risks.

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